The educators at our school work together to continuously refine the curriculum to ensure a strong educational program for our students. 

Our curriculum includes:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Supplemental Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science 
  • Social Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Art, Music, and Physical Education 
  • World Languages 

Our world languages program focuses on the structure of the language and has the student gradually thinking in Spanish/French grammar topics that are carefully taught and sequenced. Students receive 30 minutes of French instruction and 30 minutes of Spanish instruction daily. Our program is broken into five levels: 

  • Primer: conversational 
  • Beginner: conversational, reading 
  • Intermediate: conversational, reading, organic writing 
  • Secondary: conversational, reading, writing 
  • Advanced: conversational, reading writing

Strong Educators and Leaders

We believe that good educator is the backbone of a strong school.  Our mission is to empower and delevop such good educators.  We provide two weeks of professional development for teachers in their first year with our school prior to the first day of school.  Additionally, we provide one week of professional development for our returning teachers.  We also provide professional development throughout the year.  In addition, we seek our teachers' input regarding the curriculum, student activities and ways to improve our students overall success and their personal success as an educator.